About Bring the Cup to Philly

Bring the Cup to Philly contains my views, opinions, analysis, and possibly nonsensical ramblings about the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team.  I am in no way affiliated with the Flyers or the NHL, and I’m probably not even qualified to give an opinion.  But that’s not gonna stop me.

I’m 25-years old, and I’m an avid fan of both the Philadelphia Flyers as well as the Philadelphia Phillies.  This blog, however, is designated to the city’s hockey team.  Any writing about the Phillies or Major League Baseball in general will be found on a different site.

If you’d like to know more about me, this blog, and my goals here, check out my introductory post.  It will explain why a kid from Indiana became so interested in the city of Philadelphia’s sports teams.  It will also give you more details than you probably care to know.  Sorry, that’s a trade off you’re just going to have to deal with.

You can contact me to praise me for my writing, to tell me how smart I am, or to send me large sums of money at  bringthecuptophilly[at]gmail.com.



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