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Records, Hat Tricks, Shorties, and 2-0 Series Leads

What a game we saw last night in Pittsburgh.

In typical Flyers fashion, Philadelphia surrendered two early goals to put themselves in a quick hole.  The holes this team regularly puts themselves in so often, it seems, is never too deep to climb out of.  Last night was no exception.

I’ll spare you the details and recap, as you’ve likely read them all by now.  Just a few bullet points:


  • Claude Giroux scored 6 (!!!) points, including thee goals and three assists.
  • Rookie Sean Couturier once again shined.  On top of shutting down the likely Art Ross Trophy winner, Scooter tallied his first career hat trick, also adding an assist.
  • Ilya Bryzgalov gave up five goals, but they weren’t all bad.  And they weren’t all his fault.  And he made some HUGE saves, keeping the Penguins from really putting the game away early.
  • Jaromir Jagr and Max Talbot each netted a goal against their former team.  How sweet it was.
  • Nick Grossmann had a huge hit on Vitale.  A little payback from a few weeks ago, perhaps?  Vitale temporarily left the game, but did return.
  • The Flyers own the Penguins.  It was incredible to see the crowd in Pittsburgh’s hope and happiness turn to sadness and depression.  I hate the Pittsburgh Penguins.


All in all, it was a great game.  Of course, we’d prefer the Flyers to come out and get the first few goals and never take the pressure off the Pens, but you can’t help but love this team.  The way they can struggle and get down early, but never give up.  It truly shows the hart, grit, and every other cliche that can be said here.


Sunday at three pm in Philly.  The Flyers can really put their collective skate to the throat of the Pens.  Let’s do it.

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