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Sergei Bobrovsky Dances

Whaaaat, two posts in one day?  Actually, this isn’t an actual post.  Or at least one with much writing.  This is just a little .gif for you.  See what I did there?

Anyway, after Sergei Bobrovsky and the Flyers prevailed in a shootout against the Florida Panthers, Bob exploded with a short but incredible little dance.  I present to you, The Bob Dance:

But wait, here’s another, for your viewing pleasure:

Dancing Bobs!!!

(This is where I would make some “In Soviet Russia…” joke, but I’m more mature than that.)

(Actually, I tried for a good 10 minutes to think of one, but everything I thought of was either not funny, or made no sense.  In fact, most were both of those things.  The best I came up with was “In America, you celebrate with a dance.  In Soviet Russia, the dance celebrates you!”  See, told you.)

Gifs of Dancing Bob courtesy of BroadStreetHockey commenters s-hanna and everybodyhitswoohoo.

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